About Us

What we do…
We make feminine, comfy and stylish woman sportswear that will shine your female energy and strength out. We know how beautiful the woman body is and we strive to enhance its beauty through our unique designs and patterns with four-way stretch, breathable and quick-dry fabrics.
 We created our products to be worn in multiple occasions; working out, nature trips, socializing with friends and even night-out. Whatever the occasion is, you will feel sexy, stylish and confident in our products.
Who we are…. 
“Hugthemoon” is born from passion for fashion & sports and developed through mother and daughter collaboration. 
I’m a lawyer, and worked in a reputable law firm for six years. Six years till the date I had my “epiphany” after sitting in front of the lap-top for all day long. I decided that I could not continue like that.
I needed to create. 
I have been doing pilates for 6 years. During my corporate life, Pilates became sine qua non for me; it was my breathing space and finally I ended up as a Pilates instructor.
I deem myself as very fortunate to be raised by two beautiful and strong women with a great taste for fashion. My grandmother was a sewing teacher with glamorous designs.  My mom, Filiz, is a fashion designer who has been active in the fashion sector for decades. So the apple did not fall far from the tree… 
In collaboration with my mother Filiz, we have compounded our tastes, visions and experiences to create our boutique and versatile sportswear brand for the confident women who enjoy their femininity; “Hugthemoon”. 
Now, we are thrilled to share our dreams and passions with you.
We hope that our dreams will be expanded, as you become a part of it. 
 This is just the beginning of our journey.
With love